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  • John's Coffee Journey Stage 1 - Coffee Is Disgusting

John's Coffee Journey Stage 1 - Coffee Is Disgusting

Thu Jun 28, 2018

Categories: John's Coffee Journey

John's Coffee Journey Stage 1 - Coffee Is Disgusting

I love the smell of coffee, but I've never been able to drink it because it's disgusting. I can't understand why coffee is so popular when there are so many other drinks available. There seems to be an assumption from some that once you become an adult you automatically enjoy certain things, and coffee is one of them. I've always felt like a bit of an outsider not liking coffee, like I'm not part of an exclusive club, that's actually not exclusive at all as it includes the vast majority of everyone else.

Why do people not just drink orange squash? I've never heard anyone reply to the question "can I get you a coffee?" with an honest "no thank you, but I'd love some mixy juice". I can't be the only one that would prefer squash to coffee. Or milk, or even just water.

I've gone through my life pretty content to not drink coffee. The only time I've regretted not drinking coffee are the occasional times when several people are offered a coffee, then when it is served it suddenly comes with a biscuit. Why do you have to want a hot drink before getting a biscuit? At risk of sounding like a 9 year old I don't think I would ever turn down the offer of juice and a kitkat!

Nowadays I find myself pretty sleep deprived (twins are now three months old) and surrounded by coffee drinkers. I could really do with a little caffeine boost through the day. Also, we've been working with Keiba Clubb from Keiba Film lately who is an avid coffee fan who has convinced me this is something I need to have in my life.

So this is the first step in my coffee journey. I hate the stuff, but willing to give it a go to see if I can force myself to like it. I've been told it's a bit like wine, few people like it to begin with, bt the taste soon starts to grow on you, so we shall see what happens.

Current analysis: coffee is disgusting.

Written by John Pottinger


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