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Introducing Digital Marketing

Thu Aug 15, 2019

Categories: Digital Marketing Guide

Introducing Digital Marketing

Welcome to our JLP Internet: Introduction to Digital Marketing Guide, this will act as a series of blog posts that will introduce you to a range of concepts, ideas and strategies that will set you up to smash the world of digital for your business. Some of this is pretty basic, however as we go we will show you some hugely beneficial tools and strategies that require a little more thinking! Any questions just ask. Anyway, let's begin!

Digital marketing is anything you do to promote your business using technology.

This usually includes:

  • Your company website
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Video content
  • Online press releases
  • Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • and more...

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important as people use technology more and more. We’ll list some mind-boggling statistics that demonstrates in a few sections time! With the massive increase in mobile device usage there is huge potential for businesses to take advantage of digital.

However, with the increasing amount of options available to businesses, along with changes in how and where your potential customers process your content and keeping up with what types of content work the best means the world of digital marketing can be a daunting minefield for many. On top of this, there is so much content online and many advertisers that are trying to steal from your pool of customers. You need the time and the knowledge to execute meaningful campaigns online.

We often see businesses look for the easiest option. The one that pops up in their face every time they post something.

‘You can reach 1,453 more people if you spend £47 on this post.’

Facebook is very good at taking advantage of businesses that want that easy, quick-fix. They promote the boost button and speak as if reach is the aim of the game. However, this is rarely the best option and can lead to businesses losing money. Subsequently, deciding that digital marketing and Facebook is a waste of their time because there was no instant return on their money. Much like a lot of things in business, digital marketing is a longer-term game to see that gain from your buck.

The online potential for your business is monumental. If you aren’t taking full advantage of it, you will lose out on your market and industry to your competitors as they leapfrog you on their road to the top. For the majority of businesses; your successes, turnover and entirety of your brands profile will be almost fully reliant on how you perform online. It’s vitally important that businesses understand how to advertise online and execute appropriate strategy that generates valuable results.



Each aspect of digital marketing needs to interlink together and also mirror your actual brand and business to pursue similar goals. It’s important you are aware of the options that exist online and how you can utilise them to have success online.

With the right plan in place, Digital Marketing can be the best investment you can make into your business. The value added to your brand and business is huge, never mind the monetary benefits that can be reaped. This guide and series of blog posts will walk you through the vast digital world and set you up take it on. It’ll introduce you to concepts and ideas that you never thought were once possible!

TLDR: Simple. Invest in digital marketing. Invest time into understanding digital marketing. Invest in digital marketing.

Are you wanting to discuss digital marketing? Are you wanting us to work with you in creating a digital marketing strategy that suits your business? Let us know!

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Written by Regan Williamson


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