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JLP - A Fresh Start

Mon Jul 16, 2018

Categories: JLP Updates

JLP - A Fresh Start

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind at JLP. It's certainly been the busiest year for the business, and it's also been a very busy year for me personally. I can't believe how quickly the past 12 months have gone by, so I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on what's been going on and update you all on some of the exciting things we've been up to.

Sept 2017 - JLP Becomes A Limited Company

Perhaps a slightly boring update for many, but for us becoming a limited company in September 2017 marked the beginning of the transition from myself working as a part time freelance web designer to being a "proper company". It's a move that shouldn't really have made much of a difference, but looking back I think it helped bring more focus to our work and start pushing forward with some other ideas.

Oct 2017 - Hello Deborah!

The end of October marked another big milestone as we took on our first employee Deborah Leggate. Deborah was the Internet Marketer for Promote Shetland and brought a wealth of knowledge about websites and internet marketing to her new role at JLP. Since starting Deborah has been involved in every project we've worked on, providing fresh ideas and a new perspective. She works closely with clients, as well as helping with some of our own internal projects, however I think one of her most important contributions has been the introduction of FriYAY, which involves weekly cake!

April 2018 - Babies

A recap of the previous 12 months won't be complete without mentioning a pretty big change in the Pottinger household with the arrival of our twin girls Mollie and Mirrie in April. It's been a lot of work, involved many sleepless nights and has resulted in me falling asleep at my desk a couple of times, but it has been amazing!

July 2018 - IRIS and Relaunch JLP

July has been an exciting month here at JLP as two major changes have happened:

  1. New JLP Website - Our own website has been overhauled to better reflect the range of services we now offer. We don't just design websites, we also offer Microsoft Office 365, handle ongoing search engine optimisation, and also develop custom software solutions for businesses. Our new website promotes these extra services more effectively.
  2. IRIS Website Builder - The lannch or IRIS marks the culmination of nearly 12 months of work. We have been asked many times to build websites for very small businesses, or businesses that perhaps won't benefit a great deal from having a website, for example cleaners or plumbers. Our bespoke website design service was not suitable for these small businesses so we couldn't really offer a satisfactory service to them. That's why we've built IRIS, a visual drag and drop website builder tool that lets small businesses create their own website, or lets us build a simple website for them at a fraction of the price of getting a bespoke website designed. We've already received very positive feedback from small business owners and individuals who have tried the system, and we are excited to see what happens now IRIS is available to anyone to sign up.

Written by John Pottinger


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