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  • Max Joins Us For Work Experience

Max Joins Us For Work Experience

Fri Oct 4, 2019

Categories: JLP Updates

Max Joins Us For Work Experience

This week we welcomed Max McCulloch from Aith School to our office for a week of work experience. It's been great having Max alongside us learning different aspects of website design, digital marketing, and how we do things here.

Here is what Max said about his time here at JLP:

"My time working at JLP Internet has been a very enjoyable experience, it has given me a brief look into website design and the many aspects that go into it. It has given me an insight of a job which involves the use of computers, something that I will most likely peruse as a career because I enjoy using computers and anything technical.

In the office I have done a handful of tasks. On my first day I had a go at IRIS, the website builder and got a decent understanding on how it works. I then made a list of possible clients that could benefit from getting a new website or to have their website upgraded. John and I then contacted two of the companies asking if they would like a website. After this, I made a list of ways a company could increase the traffic towards their website. I made a list of ways to connect with your audience and listed a number of suitable online influencers for working with the company.

On Tuesday, I took out an old hard drive from a laptop and switched it with a solid-state drive because the laptop was extremely slow. Once the new solid-state drive was working, I put a fresh version of windows onto the laptop and this made it basically brand new!

On Wednesday, I got an overview of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

My tasks on Thursday included work on a client's website making, slight adjustments. I then started looking for competitors to a clothing brand. I looked for themes that could go with the clothing brand. The themes that were chosen were: Climate Change, Healthy Living, Animal Rights and Veganism because they fitted the best with the brand and what the brand would likely be focused on. Finally, I looked for slogans that were related to these themes and chose a handful that I thought would be good to be put onto clothing.

To round things off, I have enjoyed my time here and I'm very happy I decided to do my work experience here. Thank you John for letting me be a part of the team for the week."

Written by John Pottinger


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