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Why You Should Be Investing In Your Website

Fri Aug 30, 2019

Categories: Digital Marketing Guide

Why You Should Be Investing In Your Website

Welcome to part three of our Introduction to Digital Marketing Guide, check our the earlier parts if you haven't already. Here, we will discuss the importance of your website and how it correlates with your digital success.

Websites are vitally important to your business and they have been a crucial part of businesses digital profiles for over a decade – they were important before too, but with the advancement in technology in this time means there’s more people online than ever before, and they have access to hundreds, maybe thousands of your competitors online. You have to be there to compete too.

As we discuss different sales channels in the next few parts, we will begin with the website. The starting point for many when they start-up a business and launch online. We’ll talk about the users experience and how this has an effect on your business, what SEO actually is and how paid advertising can accompany the former on contributing to your place at the digital dinner table.

Your website is a huge asset for your business and should be a true representation of the brand, the products, the services and the people. It’s vital you have a website that demonstrates each of these factors of your business the way you want it to. Laziness will only result in a loss of potential sales, clients and customers. It needs to be modern and it needs to keep the user involved.

The issue some people find with investing in a website is – they’re still making a living or growing a business without it. We don’t get to see the sales or leads we lose through people looking at our website and thinking – this isn’t for me. We can set-up the Facebook Pixel to track what people do on the website and subsequently, try pull them back into the website technically (more on this later), but on the face of it we don’t really get to see what we have lost due to an outdated website that makes it look like we have stepped back into 2015. Or worse, 2012.

The website should become the landing page for all of your social and content marketing, through social media, videos, blogs and the like. This means it needs to be fresh. Make your website something that you look at, and say ‘that is me, that’s everything I want my business to be’. Make it something that inspires you to strive to achieve and want more for yourself and your business. 

Make the website sell who you are, what you do and why you’re the right one to do it.’

Treat the website as a very important machine, it needs upgraded from time-to-time and regularly needs updated and looked after. A fresh, well-kept machine is always going to work better than one that’s left to its own devices and just expected to do the same job as one that’s actually looked after without being understood and effectively utilised, isn’t it?

Why the Users Experience is Important

The question answers itself, really. The users experience on your website needs to replicate how you would be with them in a meeting or how they’d feel browsing your shop.

You’re not going to be sluggish, say things that were only relevant three years ago and withhold information from them, are you?

You’re not going to have your t-shirts mixed in with your jeans, a confusing buying process and have out-of-stock items available to purchase, are you?

The answer to each should be no, and with such then the website much demonstrate the same. Digital laziness is not good enough if you still expect people to buy from you and look to create conversation with you.

As mentioned, there’s plenty others who are competing with you for your customers and if they are making huge efforts to attain and retain from your pool of customers it’ll be easy pickings if you don’t take the website seriously.

As well as this, you, your office or your shop will be presented how you think best suits your business. The website needs to have this same level of visual appeal and interaction. Colours that match your branding, terminology and wording that match up and high-quality photography that mirrors your passion for your trade.

It can really make your brain work trying to visualise your website and further explaining it, the web developers or designers you work with will be in a good position to aid this and guide you on what could be bringing you the best results for your business. If you want to learn more about the benefits of bespoke websites, we can help! Give us a shout via our website, or email us!

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Written by Regan Williamson


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