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The Problem

Russell & Linda were at a very important stage in the business. Linda was set to join Russell at Gym Gair as they looked to grow and expand the fitness business, ultimately taking it to the next level. With that, they needed to find a more streamlined method for taking on and acquiring new clients and customers. Their previous method would work through Messenger, Bank Transfers & PayPal. 

However, with the business growing and the services they could offer also becoming more diversified as they continued to study and attain qualifications and certification, it was clear that this wasn't the most efficient and beneficial way to function.

Gym Gair solution

The Solution

With hearing of the next steps the business were set to take, it was clear that a website where the husband and wife team at Gym Gair could sell their services and products was required. Content was also an important aspect of the move onto a website, with regularly updating recipes, the blog and testimonials and images.

WordPress was the best fit for Gym Gair, incorporating WooCommerce with it which would allow Linda & Russell to easily edit and add new circuit dates and digital products. 

The Benefits

With the new website, Linda & Russell can add and change circuit dates easily, they can point new and existing customers to the website where they can see upcoming dates and times.

They no longer have to rely on Facebook Messenger and Bank Transfers, they can completely control class sizes and spaces available from the website. This completely streamlines the on boarding process for new clients, removing tedious administrative time and gives Gym Gair a hub to track popular circuits, products and services. 

Gym Gair benefits

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