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JW Gray

What We Did

  • Domain names transferred
  • Email services moved to Office 365
  • Migration of mail and personal data for all employees
  • Onsite support
  • Minimal disruption and no downtime
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The Problem

JW Gray were using an email system that was no longer fit for purpose. It would go offline and regularly need maintenance from an IT contractor who spent a lot of time at their office trying to fix issues. They would send emails that looked like they had gone, but never reached their recipients. Their email system was unreliable, expensive to run and not very secure. It also was using @btconnect.com email addresses to send their mail which did not look professional to the recipient.

JW Gray solution

The Solution

JLP was asked to suggest a suitable alternative, which was Microsoft Office 365, and specifically the “Hosted Exchange” part of Office 365.

As well as providing the licences for Office 365, JLP was in charge of migrating their users from the old system onto the new platform, which proved to be quite tricky but was done with no down time and minimum disruption to their staff across both the Shetland and Orkney offices. All existing mail was migrated across, including contacts and calendars. Their two domain names were also moved across to our control at the same time, and the email services were switched to a new domain name. The entire process between our very first conversation to being up and running with the new system was four weeks, which is a very quick turnaround for such a complex migration project.

The Benefits

JLP continues to work closely with JW Gray to maximise security and keep things running smoothly. We regularly get queries from various members of staff and we are quick to deal with these enquiries to allow the email system to work seamlessly in the background and let them get on with their daily work confident their email system works as intended, but also confident that if something ever does go wrong they have expert help on hand to deal with any problems quickly.

JW Gray benefits

JLP have supported us through our email issues and modernised everything we do in terms of email. We are very impressed with them, they're a great company to work with.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wanted to use them.

Iain Johnston
Managing Director
JW Gray

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