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Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier

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What We Did

  • Built in Shopify
  • Ecommerce
  • App Set-up
Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier logo
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The Problem

Mirrie Dancers were previously operating from an outdated, inefficient Squarespace shop that wasn't making the most of the potential that the ecommerce world offers.

The online shop didn't have new ranges or products, nor did it show off it's Orkney connection. It didn't have the romance that the award-winning chocolatier of the north deserved, thus not taking advantange of advertising opportunities that comes with both that and an online shop. They also wanted to get the most out of the "Create Your Own" options too, which would need implemented on a new website. 

Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier solution

The Solution

After discussions with Dave & Cathy about Mirrie Dancers, their passion & excitement for what they do was paramount. It was clear this had to shine through the website.

With that, we endeavoured to finely tune the website with copy and imagery to detail the journey Dave has been on as a chocolatier and the love he has for the isles he now calls home. We worked closely with Cathy on creating relevant content that helped demonstrate Mirrie Dancers the way they wanted it to be.

Away from that, the shops in both Shetland & Orkney work with the Shopify POS system, thus there was no question that we would build the website in Shopify. This also allowed us to easily add the online shop to relevant products' sales channels.

The Benefits

The benefits of the new website are huge for both Mirrie Dancers & their customers.

For Mirrie Dancers, they can easily edit the website which is vital for growing businesses, with the likes of new stockists & exciting developments always around the corner.

They can also regularly change their homepage CTA's to promote new products, upcoming dates or events too which is a great way to increase sales from those that land on the website. 

Aside from content, Mirrie Dancers now have all their orders & sales in the one hub. All revenues, sales, orders & statistics is in the one place on Shopify. This helps ease the headaches that come with the admin of running two shops and an ecommerce site. 

For users, the "Create Your Own" selection boxes now allow you to simply choose the number of each chocolate you want in each box. Before, it was a little clunky and you'd get a huge dropdown of chocolates for each space in your chocolate box. Now you can easily see the list of chocolates and the type of chocolate they are. For customers, too, they can now easily add in gift messages if its for someone special or notes to the chocolatier himself if they have any needs or requirements. 

Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier benefits

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