Custom Database Applications

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Businesses are always striving to become more efficient and streamline operations. One of the best ways to increase productivity in a business is to leverage technology to simplify tasks and reduce costs.

I’ve helped businesses and organisations to gather information into a single database application that is accessible online.

Who might benefit from an online custom database application

  1. Businesses that have outgrown tracking information in multiple spreadsheets and need something that is easy to update and find the required information
  2. Businesses that are currently using an old database system (e.g. Microsoft Access) that is no longer fit for purpose, or they need to access the database remotely. Another consideration with a Microsoft Access database is if was written in a particular version of Access it may not work on newer versions.
  3. Anyone storing important information such as customer data that needs to be backed up regularly. Every database application I build is hosted on my managed web server, which includes daily backups.

Depending on the needs of your business, a database application can be built completely from scratch, or modify something that already exists to help keep costs to a minimum. The first step would be to discuss what you want from a database application. What kind of system is it replacing? What problems are you trying to solve?

If you think your business would benefit from a customised database application built around your specific needs you should get in touch to arrange a time for us to discuss your business requirements.

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