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24/7 Managed Web Hosting

For all my clients I offer fully managed web hosting, which means as well as myself looking after the server, I also have a team of experts monitoring the server 24/7 to maximise availability to your website.

The importance of having a robust, reliable web host for your website is often underestimated. There are cheap and sometimes even free web hosting packages available that is misunderstood by some businesses. These packages are designed for very small, low traffic websites and personal blogs. The servers being used are always overloaded with 100s or even 1000s or other websites, any one of which can take down the server if it is hacked or becomes infected.

These packages can be seen advertised on TV and follow a "stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap" business model.

They can be very slow, and usually do not have regular, reliable backups running. But the worst and most dangerous part of these types of services is if something does go wrong there isn’t a dedicated, trained team of experts available to get your website back online again.

My web server includes SSD hard drives and unlimited bandwidth as well as full offsite daily backups to protect your website and your business.

Professional Hosted Email

There are many options when it comes to email. Here is an overview of the email solutions I provide:

Basic Email

These email accounts are perfect for small businesses looking for an email solution on a budget. It includes 5Gb mailbox storage and has no adverts.

Professional Email

This is a business class email account with premium anti spam and anti virus included. It comes with a 25Gb mailbox and allows attachments up to 50Mb, which is twice the size of many other similar email services. This service also includes MobileSync technology making it perfect for those wanting to check emails on the move.

Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange is the best option for companies with 5+ employees. Exchange has been specifically designed around businesses with several employees and does more than simply send and receive emails. It seamlessly synchronises your mail between as many devices as you want, for example your work computer, mobile phone and home computer can all synchronise to see the exact same mail and folders. It allows you to share contacts and calendars, collaborate on projects and much more.

Historically Exchange email was only available to larger companies who could justify installing an onsite exchange server, but with hosted exchange email from JLP, you can be up and running quickly, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Office 365

If you are interested in Exchange emails and you happen to use Microsoft Office then Office 365 is the choice for you. It takes all the benefits of Exchange email and adds in a subscription to Microsoft Office.

Say goodbye to having to spend £000s on new licences for Microsoft Office every few years. With Office 365 you always have the most up to date Office applications at no extra cost. You also have access to Sharepoint, includes 1Tb storage on OneDrive to save your files to the cloud and many more incredible features.

Upgrade your Web and Email Hosting

If you would like more information on any of these web or email packages get in touch to let me know a bit more about your requirements and discuss prices.

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