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Custom Software

JLP Internet offers custom software development to build applications and systems tailored specifically around the individual needs of your business.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from moving onto a purpose built software solution. Whether you find yourself manually entering the same information into more than one location, or feel you are spending too much admin time working with data, we can plan and build a bespoke system around what you need it to do, and save yourself and your admin staff a lot of time. Your new system could integrate with a product feed direct from your supplier, or it could produce custom reports based on the data gathered, or export data to another program such as Sage. We will work with you to look for ways to streamline your entire admin process so you can spend less time entering data into spreadsheets, and more time focussing on the other areas of your business.

If you are looking to scale your business, or just want to minimise the amount of time spent on managing data a custom software application can save you time, make your reports look more consistent and professional, and minimise the risk of human error by eliminating the need to enter information multiple times.

Reduce Admin Time, Increase Productivity

We design and code your new software from scratch, meaning it can meet any requirement and be made to work alongside any existing software or systems you already use. This means we can reduce the time and cost associated with managing your business data, while allowing you and your staff to be more productive.

Invest In Custom Software

Many businesses we've spoken to are surprised by how quickly a custom software application can pay for itself. The initial investment in creating the new system is less as you might think. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to give us a solid foundation on which to build your new system, which means we can build complex systems relatively quickly.

Once the new system is up and running it will continue to work for your business, saving you time and money on an ongoing basis.

Software That Adapts As Your Business Grows

Businesses rarely stand still. As businesses change, adapt and grow the data they need to work with often changes too. We work with businesses on an ongoing basis to ensure their custom software application remains relevant and continues to handle as much of the data processing as possible.

Depending on the type of software we build and the company it is for we can carry out changes to your system as required, or work more closely with an ongoing agreement to let us continue enhancing the system and adding new features more regularly.

We Build It, You Own It

Although we love working alongside businesses on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue getting the benefits of their custom software, we know that sometimes this is not possible or practical. Perhaps you end up hiring your own "in-house" software developer. We build custom software using well recognised coding practices, based on commonly used scripting languages, meaning you are not tied to us maintaining the system forever. We want to give you complete peace of mind by making it simple to move future development elsewhere. It's never happened before, but it is an option available to you, and is part of our honesty ethos we pride ourselves on.


Website Design

Professional bespoke website design and home of the IRIS Website Builder.

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Managed Office 365

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Custom Software

We build custom business software designed around your specific needs.

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Internet Marketing & SEO

We help businesses appear higher in search results and promote themselves more effectively online.

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