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Digital Marketing

JLP Internet offers a complete internet marketing and search engine optimisation service to help you rise to the top of search engines and outperform your competition online.

Most businesses these days understand the importance of appearing high in search results. People searching for your products or services need to be able to find you easily and want to click through to your website. It's no longer enough to simply build a website and sit back waiting for results to happen. You need to be active in promoting your website, in improving your visibility online and ensuring you stay ahead of your competition.

JLP works with businesses on an ongoing basis to help with their online marketing and SEO. We use a suite of powerful and industry-leading monitoring and analysis tools alongside our experience in internet marketing to create effective and comprehensive strategies for any business.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

When you search online using a search engine such as Google you are actually searching their own index of all the websites and web pages they know about on the Internet. They use computer programs called "bots" to crawl websites and individual web pages, follow links to more webpages, and continue doing this to find as many pages as it can to build up it's index. It is their aim to provide you with the most relevant search results, and they invest an unbelievable amount of money, time and resources to ensure the results that appear are all high quality, relevant and correct.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the work involved in making sure your website is crawled fully and properly, that search engines can understand what your website and each web page is about, and maximise the chances of the webpage appearing high in search results. The results you can see in any SEO effort is usually in the medium or long term, so we usually work with businesses on an ongoing basis to provide SEO and internet marketing services.

Internet Marketing Is More Than Just SEO

While search engine optimisation is very important for most websites, it's not the only factor to consider when looking to improve your status online. The most effective marketing strategy is one that uses multiple tools to maximise the chance of success. JLP will work with you to put together a strategy that includes many different factors.

Interested To Know More? Get A Website Audit From JLP!

The first step in any internet marketing or SEO journey is to learn exactly how your website is currently performing. We use industry leading software to build up a comprehensive website audit, which can quickly highlight issues or mistakes with your website, and also identify potential opportunities where your website could be performing better.

If you would like to arrange a website audit please get in touch.


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