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IRIS Website Builder

IRIS Website BuilderJLP Internet is proud to offer IRIS, our brand new drag and drop website builder tool. Get online from as little as £10/month with no startup fees or hidden costs. IRIS is perfectly suited for small businesses looking to get online to promote their products or services but don't have the resources to justify a fully bespoke professional website. If you are looking to get your small business online with minimal cost head over to the IRIS website to learn more about it and to sign up.

Professional Website Design vs IRIS Website Builder

The IRIS website builder is perfect for a cost effective solution for small businesses, however it's important to note this option will not be suitable for everyone or every business. The decision on whether IRIS is right for your business or not usually comes down to what you need to get out of the website. If you are looking for a simple website to give people information about you, your business and your products or services then IRIS could be perfect for you. It has been designed and built for these types of websites, and can get you online quickly and for much less cost than a fully bespoke professional website.

However, if you are looking to get a return on your investment either by selling products online or generating sales leads you may be better going for a professional bespoke website. This options allows us to spend time planning, designing and coding your website to give it the best possible chance of succeeding.

Generally speaking, if you think getting a website is a cost to your business that you wish to minimise you might be best opting for IRIS. If you view a new website as an investment to take your business to the next level we can speak to you about options for a professionally designed website.

Why Has JLP Built IRIS?

When we tell people we've created our own website builder tool a common reaction is shock that we would help people do what we offer as a service.

"You will put yourself out of business"

"Why would I spend money on a website from JLP when I can use IRIS?"

Simply put, we believe different types of business can benefit from different website solutions. A cleaner or plumber will probably not get enough new work from a website to justify a fully bespoke website. A self employed joiner isn't going to see enough benefit from spending money on a completely unique website. These types of business usually just need a fairly simple website with their services, opening hours, contact details and such like. There are no bells, whistles or flashy features required. Before IRIS, we were not able to help these businesses, and would instead suggest they try a website builder such as Squarespace, Wix or Weebly.

The problem was these businesses often didn't take the next step to create their own website. Perhaps the system was too complicated. Perhaps they didn't have time to build their website. Perhaps they just didn't want to spend their free time sitting in front of a computer trying to build a website. Whatever the reason, there was no suitable solution for them. We built IRIS to help small businesses get online quickly and easily.


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