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Are you a web design agency struggling to cope with your current work load? Are you looking to outsource some work elsewhere but are worried about a drop in quality or lack of attention to detail?

We've worked as subcontractor with other web design agencies to give them extra capacity to get more work done without having to take on more staff. What's more, because we are based in the UK there is no language barrier, we work in the same time zone and share a common culture to other UK web design agencies.

Unless otherwise agreed we do not contact the end customer directly. All communication to the customer remains from you so they get the impression you have done the work and keeps your customer service consistent.

Get More Work Done By Partnering With JLP

Whether you need help in the short term to meet a sudden increase in work, or you are looking to build a long term partnership with us we can offer high quality website design and development services at very competitive prices, which can vary depending on your needs and commitment to ongoing work.

If you'd like to discuss your need to get more work done please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.


Website Design

Professional bespoke website design and home of the IRIS Website Builder.

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Managed Office 365

Let the power of Microsoft Office 365 streamline your business and save you money.

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Custom Software

We build custom business software designed around your specific needs.

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Internet Marketing & SEO

We help businesses appear higher in search results and promote themselves more effectively online.

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