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Shetland Businesses

Shetland based businesses make up the majority of our client base. We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes throughout Shetland.

We are most commonly known for web design and have worked with many high profile Shetland businesses such as Harry's Department Store, LEF, Anderson & Co and many more, but we also often work with businesses to solve other problems such as migrating them onto business-grade email systems such as Office 365, building bespoke online software, and managing their search engine optimisation.

We understand the benefits of working with local suppliers, because it's something we do as well. We get our IT equipment from GTS, our printing done by Art Machine, our video content is produced by Keiba Film, and our Internet connection is supplied by Shetland Broadband. We appreciate being able to speak to our suppliers face to face and any issues can be dealt with quickly.

This same ethos is something we emulate for our own customers who share the same concerns when working with a web designer. The day-to-day support and communication is still via phone or email, but we also regularly meet with our clients either at our office or we visit their place of work. We find ourselves spending most of our time between Lerwick, Scalloway and Gulberwick, however we also regularly visit clients in Sandwick, Weisdale, Brae to discuss ideas and showcase new design work.

When finding a website designer to work with we find Shetland businesses get a lot of added benefits from working with a local website designer. We know the market and the challenges faced by businesses here, but we are also very much aware of the unique advantages businesses in such a small community have access to.

The Internet has made the whole world smaller, making it easy to connect to more people, and communicate your message to a wider audience. Shetland is perfectly placed to benefit from using the Internet to get ahead, and we are excited to help more Shetland businesses fulfill their potential online.


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Professional bespoke website design and home of the IRIS Website Builder.

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Let the power of Microsoft Office 365 streamline your business and save you money.

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Custom Software

We build custom business software designed around your specific needs.

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Internet Marketing & SEO

We help businesses appear higher in search results and promote themselves more effectively online.

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